The Talbert Baby Announcement // Summer 2015

This sweet family has been such a blessing to me! This was the first shoot I did of theirs, before I had any sort of photo-editing software. Even though these photos are rather amateur, I still love them! I have had the privilege of being able to do their family photos, maternity photos, baby photos, and more! You will be seeing a lot of their adorable faces!

dsc_0029dsc_0077dsc_0298dsc_0369dsc_0440dsc_0555dsc_0489Version 2Version 2dsc_0629dsc_0350dsc_0367dsc_0445dsc_0463dsc_0610dsc_0435dsc_0432dsc_0411dsc_0175dsc_0158dsc_0106dsc_0118dsc_0131dsc_0159dsc_0045dsc_0021Version 2

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