Strasbourg, France // Spring 2019

Just before we moved away from the UK this past Spring we visited Strasbourg, France with my dad and stepmom. This area is known for its Riesling wines, which, at first, I wasn’t sure about, as I am not a huge fan of sweeter wine. But after wine tasting from local vineyards in the small villages scattered along the Grand Est region, I quickly got on board! We stayed in an Airbnb that looked to be straight out of the Beauty and the Beast! Each of the little villages are surrounded by ancient walls, and in the middle of each one there is an adorable town square with pubs and cafes all serving local cuisine. While a very wet trip, we wandered, walked and drove for days around the many castles, vistas, villages and vineyards all along the valley and surrounding mountains. Unbelievably beautiful!



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