Future Hope School // Autumn 2019

I have had the pleasure this past month of traveling to a few NGO’s here in Burundi and taking pictures and videos of their ministries and efforts. One of these opportunities was at Future Hope School, a school founded by Youth For Christ Burundi. I was tasked with capturing their food program, where they feed the students lunch, as for some, this is the only meal they receive each day. Having spent an abundance of time in Gitega, it was a joy to take a day to laugh, play and capture many carefree smiles and full bellies in a country where both are hard to come by. Enjoy a few snapshots of these sweet kiddos and their mountains of ubugali and beans! One of my favorite moments was catching a few shots of the sprint under the school landing away from the monsoon storm that hit while we were there! The other sweet moment was spending an hour at one student’s home interviewing his guardian grandparents and living a day in his life. For him and his brother, this food program is keeping them alive. Praise the Lord for this provision!

2 thoughts on “Future Hope School // Autumn 2019”

  1. love it – your beautiful chestnut children; So darling. They must be full when they finish that meal; guess it has to last them all day long. I like that little imp boy near the beginning; such a sweetheart. Can you adopt that one? In your heart, right. Love the work you do. Gramma Lou


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