Baby Mazie // Summer 2019

This darling child belongs to a good friend here in Burundi. We have a funny friendship story – she and I are from the same area in the US, and we connected through a random mutual friend in Burundi where she lives with her husband. Our circles overlapped quite a bit through Facebook and Instagram but we never met each other until we moved back to Burundi this year! She and her hubby had Mazie a year ago, and she is just delicious! This was my first family shoot in Burundi, so finding a great spot was a little difficult, but with the lake and mountains, I must say it went pretty well!

One thought on “Baby Mazie // Summer 2019”

  1. She is darling, so photographic; her skin is beautiful and I love her pretty little feminine dress with the bow hanging down and her curly short hair. How old is she. Bet her momma loves these. Does she resemble her daddy?


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