Baby Mazie // Summer 2019

This darling child belongs to a good friend here in Burundi. We have a funny friendship story – she and I are from the same area in the US, and we connected through a random mutual friend in Burundi where she lives with her husband. Our circles overlapped quite a bit through Facebook and Instagram but we never met each other until we moved back to Burundi this year! She and her hubby had Mazie a year ago, and she is just delicious! This was my first family shoot in Burundi, so finding a great spot was a little difficult, but with the lake and mountains, I must say it went pretty well!

Isezerano Orly Mercy // Spring 2019

Some of our very dear friends had a baby in April! Meet Isezerano Orly Mercy, one of the most beautiful Burundian babies I have ever seen! Her parents are outstanding people, and we were so delighted and blessed to be some of the first to hold this precious new life. Welcome to the world, sweet girl!

Baby Darius // Summer 2018

Sweet baby Darius. This precious baby was born to my best friend and her husband this past August. I was home visiting for the summer, and we had flights booked out as late as we could – August 18th. I knew it was likely that I would miss the birth of this baby, as his due date was August 14th. I prayed and prayed that he would come before I left, because I won’t be back home for at least another year. But, by the grace of God, he came on August 17th! I can’t wait to be back for hours of snuggles next year, but for now, I am so thankful I got to be there!


Baby Eliana // Spring 2018

A month ago I was able to go spend some time with Baby Eliana! Her parents, Mark and Andrea, are from our home town in Idaho and happen to be living in London! After having the pleasure of shooting their maternity photos, Baby Eliana finally arrived, beautiful and perfect! I must say my favorite thing she does is her little wink face she makes. Babies are the best, aren’t they? This little, six-pound delight is just the sweetest! Congrats, you guys!


Baby Hope // Summer 2017

Sweet, little six pound baby Hope Palmer made her entrance into the world a little over a week ago! Renee and Cody, some of my dearest friends, are elated to welcome this precious lady into their home. Among many other distinctives, she has the longest fingers of any baby I have ever seen! Harper, her very proud big sister, cannot stop holding her, touching her, singing to her, and talking to her. They are the most adorable pair of sisters  ever! Congrats to my dear friends. Enjoy baby Hope!