Bagumako Maternity Shoot // Autumn 2019

Emmanuel and Gladys have been some of our closest friends in Burundi for nearly eight years. We were there when they had their first daughter, Milka. We unfortunately were not in Burundi for Iruta’s birth, but you bet we will be there for this new baby boy’s birth! Their pregnancy story is actually pretty incredible. Iruta prayed and prayed for many months for God to give her a baby brother. She got her answer and she knew Gladys was pregnant before Gladys ever took a test! Such a beautiful story. So excited to meet this child!



The Reed Kiddos // Summer 2017

Grandma Raylene is one of my mother in-law’s closest friends and she is downright obsessed with her four, beautiful grandkiddos! Can you blame her? She did such a good job getting them all dressed up in nautical themes for our photoshoot in downtown CDA a few weeks ago. Such a precious little family with a bouquet of personalities! Sibling love is the best.

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The Dirks Family // Summer 2017

Driving out to this location was quite a feat, but it was so worth it! This incredible family, who serve as medical missionaries yearly in Honduras, were gathering together with the many generations of their family for a “shooting party,” which, if you’re not from North Idaho, basically entails food, fun, and firearms! Michelle, the stunning grandma in yellow, had this beautiful place all set up for us to take photos when I arrived, so it hardly feels like I had to do much work! Their passion for global missions made this all the more fun to shoot!

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The Thompson Family // Summer 2017

I would say I am not biased about how beautiful this family is, but it is my family, so it would just not be true! As subjective as my opinion is, I just love this family so much! We had a reunion in Sandpoint Idaho a few weeks ago, and as I am redoing my Grandparent’s photo wall at their house, it was a perfect place to snap some shots of everyone!