Bagumako Maternity Shoot // Autumn 2019

Emmanuel and Gladys have been some of our closest friends in Burundi for nearly eight years. We were there when they had their first daughter, Milka. We unfortunately were not in Burundi for Iruta’s birth, but you bet we will be there for this new baby boy’s birth! Their pregnancy story is actually pretty incredible. Iruta prayed and prayed for many months for God to give her a baby brother. She got her answer and she knew Gladys was pregnant before Gladys ever took a test! Such a beautiful story. So excited to meet this child!



Davis Maternity Shoot // Winter 2017

Finally, I found a couple in London who wants maternity photos! It just so happens that they are Americans, and even from my home town, Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho! We didn’t know each other before we moved here, but my grandma goes to church with her mother and they made the connection for us. We had such a blast wandering around London this past November taking photos of their cute little bump! Definitely exciting to have a new environment to shoot in, and London has endless adorable spots for capturing precious moments like these. Can’t wait to meet their little one this spring!


The Jones Maternity Shoot // Winter 2016

After doing this lovely family’s photos last summer, they got pregnant with the darling Piper! This is our family maternity shoot we did in the snow a couple weeks ago. Their daughter, Summer, just really hates getting her photo taken so we just decided to fully embrace the two-year-old attitude and go for it! Get ready for adorable baby photos to follow!