London At Christmas // Winter 2018

There is truly no more stunning place to spend Christmas than in London. Every single street you turn down has more a wow-factor than the last. We wandered for hours and we never ran out of outstanding scenes. After a long walk through the lights, we spent Christmas at our friend’s home. Here are some snapshots of the most traditional British Christmas we have ever experienced. We were totally spoiled!


Brighton, England // Autumn, 2018

We are 28 and after a decade of on-and-off university life, we are finally getting the experience of living in a dorm on campus! While our flat is VERY tiny, we can’t complain. Our block is full of families from around the world and our backyard is a national park. Every day we just run in a different direction and find new incredible places! I have never been more shutter-happy. Beyond thankful to live in such a beautiful place for this season of life. Here are some shots from Stanmer Park so far this Autumn.


Kew Gardens, London // Spring 2018

While my dad and stepmom visited London last week, we finally got an opportunity to visit Kew Gardens, a massive botanical garden from the late 1800’s here in London. They claim to have the largest and most diverse botanical garden in the world, and I am inclined to believe them! It felt like we wandered through endless arboretums, gardens, green houses and structures covered in flowers. Unfortunately, for a few of the greenhouses I had to use my iPhone to take photos, as the humidity was so intense my lenses instantly fogged over!  I think we missed some of the most beautiful blooms, as we visited late spring and early spring seems to be the best time. Regardless, it was beautiful! Would definitely go again.


Winchester, England // Fall 2017

Just before Christmas, we visited Winchester. The last of the orange and yellow leaves were falling and the air was crisp and chilly as Triona, Pipen the dog, and I wandered around the National Trust trail there. Her brother runs a boarding house in Winchester, where we stayed. Each morning we woke up to a stunning view of the town from the four-story manor and enjoyed walks through the campus there. A treasure was finding graffiti from the 1600’s, undoubtedly done by some mischievous boys on the walls of the school. Such a beautiful little town this is! It felt so good to get out of London and just enjoy open space.


Family Fall Portraits // Fall 2016

My grandparents are the best grandparents in the known universe. They are some of my closest friends and I owe so much of who I am to who they are. They normally go south for the winter and miss Thanksgiving and Christmas, but this past year we did Thanksgiving early so we could be with them, just like when we were kids! I couldn’t help but capture some of the precious moments of all the cousins, cousin’s babies, and grandparent time! Enjoy!