Jacque’s Bachelorette Party and Wedding Candids // Summer 2018

Jacque is one of my absolute dearest friends and this summer she married Mike! I was commanded, as a bridesmaid, to not take photos and to enjoy myself…but I enjoy myself while I take photos! So I managed to capture a few of this beauty on her bachelorette party and on the morning of her wedding. Congrats, beautiful friend!!


Osbourne Wedding // Summer 2018

This past summer I was so blessed to be able to shoot my sister-in-law’s wedding! Lacey married George at our family’s property out on Cave Lake in June, which was risky because it is often rainy in June in Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho. But, by the grace of God, it was a beautiful, sunny day! Her style was adorable, very aztec and southwestern, and her hubby and family slow cooked brisket for dinner! So happy for these two and their precious daughter! Cheers!

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