Cody and Lindsey’s Maternity Shoot // Summer 2015

This was my very first photoshoot! Cody and Lindsey called and asked if I was willing to do photoshoots, something I had never thought to do. I had just bought a camera a few months prior, and always loved taking photos, but I had never thought to do shoot in a professional sense. As I look back on these photos, I would do lots of things differently – at this point I didn’t even have any professional editing software! But I still love it. These two are just precious and now with their sweet baby being over a year old, these photos bring on quite a bit of nostalgia! Thank you, Cody and Lindsey, for believing in me as a photographer!


The Byrns Family // Fall 2015

Autumn in Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho is a dream for photography! The Byrns family and I had such a fun time at the community garden downtown with all the fall colors! This was one of my first shoots, and they were wonderfully patient with me as I was learning. This family is extra special to me as they are passionate about East Africa and have visited us in Burundi when we lived there. They are just downright lovely. No picture can fully capture the authenticity and passion of this family, but I hope I did justice to what I can show you of them!